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K.C.'s Beatnik Bag


Can you dig it? Our new Beatnik Bag is like, homemade. Made out of black canvas and hand sewn, this is the perfect accessory for holding all your goodies. Comes with a couple of retro safety pins for easy attachment to your shirts, bags, belts, or the inside of your jacket should you want to sneak some frozen burritos out of 7/11. You can also throw some rope through it and make a nice satchel for your all your forging needs, fishing supplies, or if you simply want to carry around your pens and notebooks for whenever and wherever that moment of creativity ~hits~.

*Sewing pattern will not be perfect but who cares? I mean what are you? Martha Stewart?*

*Please allow 2 weeks per order for production. The pouches are sewn and printed in our tiny apartment.*